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Keeping Your "Nest" Clean, Organized and Designed!



Bringing Your Vision to Life

As an aspiring interior designer, I have always been fascinated in transforming living spaces through artistic designs. Your home should be a haven of peace and serenity, so why not create a space that fits your personal style? Need help outside of your home, no problem! I can help you create, organize and design any office or commercial space. Although a designed space is the finished look, Klean  Bee's Nest also specializes in cleaning (sanitization) and organizing cluttered spaces creating a fresh, clean and refined look! 

Let me help you bring your vision to life!



Affordable Luxury For Less

At Klean Bee's Nest, I know what it means to give each project I work on the personalized attention it deserves. I want your residential or commercial space to reflect your genuine tastes, and I make it my business to stay within your budget in order to make it happen. Whether you've recently relocated and need some design ideas, don't have the time for thorough cleaning, or have an existing space and just want a more polished and modern look, I can help you create the space of your dreams!

Closet Space (Before)

Here is a closet space in need of some organization! Klean Bee's Nest can transform any size closet to provide more open space for clothing, shoes and other accessories.

Closet Space (After)

Organization at it's finest! This closet now looks like a walk-in boutique. Color-coordinated clothing, shoe displays and stylish velvet hangers gives this closet an updated and sophisticated look.

Bathroom (Before)

I wanted to create a beautiful oasis for this bathroom. There was so much open lighting in this space, so I started again at the focal point above the toilet. I used Non-GMO products to first clean and sanitize before preparing the design. I decided to remove the towel holder from the wall to eventually create a space for any hanging décor. Bathroom sizes can be vary, so if your bathroom is smaller, you want to give the illusion of having a larger space. So I used the smaller dimensions to create a larger space!

Bathroom (After)

Tada! Look at this magic! I dressed up this space with sleek and sophisticated décor that is ready to impress! I decided to use chrome designs to match the lightening appliances in the bathroom. Using the limited budget of the client, I found some beautiful shower curtains which I created a, "double draped" look to also give the shower area a grander appearance. I also shopped around and found some fabulous bathroom décor to dress up the sink area along with a chrome vanity tray for candles (candles in any space are a must!)

I was able to create this look on a limited budget giving this space an upscale, sophisticated look!

Office Space (Before)

My client really needed help organizing their office space. Just like a residential space, an office setting is just as important to keep clean and organized. I really wanted to get this space cleaned and organized so that my client would be able to easily locate files, documents and other essential business accounts without the hassle of digging through so much stuff! I was happy to take on this challenge!

Office Space (After)

Challenge accepted! This office was thoroughly cleaned, organized and the walls were painted. I ordered a new desk, area rug, sitting/storage bench and filing cabinet to update this space. I also added a beautiful wall mirror to add depth and dimension to enlarge the room. Are you ready to update your office or commercial space? Get in touch with me today!

Open Workspace (Before)

Open Workspace (After)

I used all the décor materials my client already had in the office to really make this wall space POP! I moved around the wall art and added some other pieces as a decorative table setting. The table was actually a storage bin I wrapped in patterned paper to turn into a table! This saved costs for having to buy a table! Everything that was used to recreate this open space was right in their office!

Are you ready for a change? I’m happy to provide you with any information you need. Book a consultation and start your transformation today!



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Restroom Concierge Services 

Klean Bee's Nest also provides Rest Room Concierge Services for Public Events, Private Parties & Night Life Club/Entertainment.

Be the perfect host to your guests and leave the cleaning to me! 🐝